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“Google Pixel: Tips 4”—Google/ Zamykat

"AXS go app"-- Zamykat

"8Greens"--Full Picture Productions

"Theragun TheraOne CBD"-- Cutaway Creative

"Gretel & Hansel promo"-- 3Blackdot

"Google: Review Review”-- (Ssn 2), YouTube/ Google/ Zamykat

“Fully Formed Adults"-- (Ssn2), Cutaway Creative

“Studio Designs, Fall ’19 Catalogue”—Irina Logra Photography

"Google Pixel: Tips 3”—Google/ Zamykat

“Studio Designs, Summer ’19 Catalogue”—Irina Logra Photography
“Skyrocket: Lumies/ Blumies”—Skyrocket/ Keith Berson
"Google: Local Guides Int'l Profiles" -- Google

"Studio Designs, Spring ’19 Catalogue”—Irina Logira Photography

"Google: Review Review”-- (Ssn 1), YouTube/ Google/ Zamykat

Lumies/ Blumies Toy launch campaign”—Skyrocket/ Keith Berson Photography

“Google: Vorato”-- Google/ Zamykat

“Google: Corner”-- Google/ Zamykat

“Google: C'Balm”-- Google/ Zamykat

“LA Lakers & Wish App”- Shamrock Studio/ DLP Media

"American Idol" -- Promo, ABC Entertainment Marketing
“Google: Mapping”-- Promo, Google/ Zamykat
“Symetra: Jibber Jabber” – Commercial, Speakeasy
“Google: Pixel, Panorama Selfies”-- Commercial, Google/ Zamykat

"Antsy Pants, Fall 2019 Toy Campaign”-- Still Photo Shoot, Keith Berson Photography

"Lucky Day" -- Music Video, Artist: Stela Cole, RCA/ jojx films

"Interloper” – Short Film, Interloper LLC/ Pamela Robison

"Undivided” -- Series, Attn for Facebook

"Walmart, 2 Day Shipping”-- Still Photo Shoot, Cutaway Creative
"Walmart, 2 Day Shipping”-- Commercial, Cutaway Creative

"Deloitte/ Business Chemistry" -- Commercial, Absurd Hero Productions

"Avocados from Mexico" -- Still Photo Shoot, DBM

"Waba Grill" -- Still Photo Shoot, DBM

"Bar Rescue"-- SSn 6 Opening/ Trailers, 2C Media

"Swiffer/ 'Cats vs Dogs'" -- Commercial, Odd Machine

"Metro PCS" -- Commercial, Ignition

"Aria/ Febreze" -- Digital Campaign/ Proctor & Gamble, Roster LA

"Safe Deposit/ 'Home Makeover Show'" -- Ssn 1, Facebook Channel/ Tastemade

"i’m sorry”— Ssn 1, TruTV - Party Over Here/ Kablamo

"Depends" -- Digital Campaign/ Proctor & Gamble, Roster LA

“Amazon Echo Kit”— Commercial, Society

“LA Lakers: I am LA”-- Commercial, Ignition

“Fox sports/ Visa/ Papa John's" -- Commercial, Ignition

“Course Hero”-- Commercial, Contagious

"i’m sorry”-- Pilot, TruTV/ Party Over Here
“Summer’s Eve/ ‘Because’”-- Commercial, Society

“Universal/ Secret Life of Pets”— Merchandising Promo Video, Meltdown

“Caterpillar/ Showdown”— Commercial, Odd Machine

“Walgreens/ Date Night”— Commercial, Society

“Proctor & Gamble/ Odyssey: Customized Beauty”—Industrial, RosterLA

“Walgreens/ ..makes you Feel beautiful”— Commercial, Society

“Lady Time”— Ssn 1, ABC/ AppleTV

“Pose Coach”-- College Humor

“Wendy’s, 4 for $4”- Commercial, Society

“Kill Her Goats”-- Feature, Withano Prods

“Fog City”-- Feature, Withano Prods

“Last Person at Your Party”- College Humor

“The Chauffeur”- Short, Brian Burton/ PopFIlms LLC

“Zera, P&G”- Commercial, Roster LA

“Dara Ju”- Feature, Davisidero Pictures

“The Modern Age” - Short, Buzz Click Eject Prods.

“Reese’s, Hack My Life, TruTV”- Promo, FrameworkLA

“Fast and Furious 7, TruTV”- Promo, Framework LA

“Backstreet Boys, VH1”- Promo, Framework LA

“Jon & Eddie”- Pilot, Nickelodeon

“Modern Office: Christina Hendricks”- Funny or Die

“Lost Boy”- Feature, Mar Vista Entertainment

“This Is Happening”- Feature, Unguarded Content Prods.

“Nanny Cam”- Feature, Indy Entertainment

“Undercover Boss-Phenix Salons”-TV Series,CBS, Ssn 6

“Siberian Airlines” – Commercial, US Productions

“Swash machine”- Commercial, P&G / Creable Films

“Women in Film- Legacy Interview Series”- Women in Film

“Scary Stories”- Short Presentation, Fortress Features

“Only in LA”- Reality Pilot, E! / Bright Road Productions

“Bloodsucking Bastards”- Feature, Fortress Features

“AMC Channel/Yeah App”- Commercial, PlanetGrande

“Greenpeace PSA”- Commercial, Cornukopia Prods.

"Moments of Clarity”- Feature, Moments of Clarity LLC

“Starving in Suburbia”- Feature, Mar Vista Entertainment

“Enhanced”- Short, Buzz Click Eject Prods.

“Undercover Boss- Menchies”- TV Series, CBS, Ssn 5

“American Cancer Society, The One”- PSA, Creable Films

“Good To Know, Ssn 2”- Series, Scripps Network

“North Blvd” -- Feature, Little Girl Productions

“Undercover Boss- Loehmann’s”-TV Series, CBS, Ssn 5

“Escape from Polygamy” – Feature, Mar Vista Entrtnmnt

“Twenties”—Pilot Presentation, BET, Lena Waithe/Justin Simien

”The Heyday of the Insensitive Bastards” – Short, James Franco/ Rabbit Bandini

“Immediately Afterlife”— Short, Hazart Films     

“Stand By Them’, Veteran’s Affairs PSA”- Creable Films

“Zero Sight, Bad Call” –Short, Red5 Studios     

“Luna Lovers”—Music Video, Go Films, Artist Las Cafeteras        

“LA Dreams” – Reality TV Show Pilot, German Television

“LiFi (Port)” – Short, Smoking Bear/ Cornukopia Prods.

“Muck” – Feature, Withano Entertainment

“Love at the Christmas Table”- Feature, Lifetime TV

“’Side by Side’, Veteran’s Affairs PSA”- Creable Films        

“Spaced Reality” –Pilot, Busted Buggy Entertainment

“The First Hope” – Short, Buzz Click Eject Prods.

“The Experiment” –Short, Auberon Entrtnmnt/ Burn Pics

“Faces of Style”- Style Network Upfronts- “Giuliana & Bill”

“Out West”- Feature, XcitableBoy Prods

“Bed Stuy Lullaby”- Short, Cornukopia Prods

“Common Journeys’, VA PSA”- Commercial, Creable

“How to get to Candybar”- Short, Dir. Matt August

“Ni Una Lagrima”- Music Vid, Capitol Records:Joey Montana

“Arithmetic Lesson”- Short, Amazing Grace Prods

“Skylab Is Falling”- Short, Pecorella Productions

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